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Cold... I Need To Take a Bath ImageWhen I came to Australia, the first thing I missed was to take a bath, especially during winter time. Unfortunately, my unit has only shower. I need a bath !! I know many people do not take a bath regularly, but taking a bath has a great health and beauty benefit to you.

1. Blood circulation improvement
2. De-stress
3. Hydrate, remove dirt and germs from your skin

If you like to massage your face, this is the best time. Use the natural face massage oil, and massage your face gently while bathing. The effect of the massage will be maximised by the steam coming from the bath, which will remove dirt from your skin’s pores.

Have a happy & relaxing bath time ! (I am jealous…)

Yoko xoxo


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Introduction ImageIt has been such a cold winter in Sydney. I cannot wait for spring… and I cannot wait to start okoii’s “eauty” Blog!

You might be wondering what this character “” is.
This character in Japanese means “Beauty” and its pronunciation is “Bi”. I call this word “Jenglish” (combining both English and Japanese words). I hope okoii is able to produce more beautiful products by combining both Eastern and Western “Beauty”. I hope many people enjoy the experience of using our products.

I guess people do not like a long introduction, so I will close it for today. Please do not catch cold and keep warm.

Yoko xoxo

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