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Getting Warm and Getting Oily? ImageIt has been nice early summery weather in Sydney, I love it! However, as the weather gets warmer, you may feel your skin gets a bit oily even though you follow the basic routine for your daily skin care.

Some people wash their face many times per day because their skin feels a bit oily. Umm… Sorry, not a good idea. Of course, it is important to clean your skin but the excessive cleaning may dry your skin, which means your skin tries to produce more oil! Oh no!!

So… what should we do to fight oily skin? Let’s focus on hydrating your skin. Use some toner, wait for a few minutes and use a toner again. It would be ideal if you could repeat this 3-4 times per day when you have time. After that, put a small amount of a moisturiser or cream on your hand and spread it over your entire palm. Cover your face with both hands. In this way, you can still prevent your skin from dehydrating. Some people do not use a moisturiser or cream after a toner when they feel their skin is oily, this may end up drying your skin and causing your skin to produce more oil.

okoii’s Green Tea and Peppermint Fresh Toner is very refreshing and great for summer time skin care. For your special care, Green Tea Deep Cleansing Masque will help clean your skin more thoroughly and maintain refreshing appearance.

Take care and ciao for now!

Yoko xoxo


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