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Beauty will not be built in a day - next year too ! ImageMy new year’s resolution was to lose 4 kg this year by the end of this year. Did I achieve it? No…!! (sob… 😦 ) Actually, I have gained weight rather than losing it. What am I doing? I do not think myself having a strong will. I am always being defeated by various temptations !

But… Please do not laugh, I still have a hope. I may be able to lose 4 kg next year and wear the clothes I haven’t worn for 5 years. Nothing never is too late. Please agree with me…!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to lose weight while we maintain health and beauty. It takes time, but the things we have to do to lose weight are quite simple – Eat Less, Exercise More.

Why can’t we do such simple things? This is one of the mysteries of the human being.

I have read an article before, which said the house where slim people live are usually clean and tidy. It may suggest that people who often clean the house are active and do not mind doing things around the house, does means they burn their energy by doing house chores everyday?

Why don’t we clean and tidy the house and welcome a new year? And the reward will be losing weight. (But do not drink beer after that, your effort will be all for nothing). In the end, the things we do everyday will end up counting for a lot.

Beauty will not be built in a day – next year too !

Until the next entry, ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo


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Brown Rice (2) - Is it really worth eating? ImageAs we leant from the last blog entry “Brown Rice (1) – Is it really worth eating?”, there are pros and cons to eating brown rice. I think we have to be wise when we eat brown rice. Reading about some studies and articles, I found some good tips.

  1. Chew it well, so that the nutrients from brown rice is better absorbed. Brown rice is harder to digest, so avoid eating it if you have stomach or digestion problems.
  2. Eating brown rice once or twice a week is much better. Switching to brown rice completely may cause adverse effects such as deficiency of minerals and calcium.
  3. Wash brown rice thoroughly if it is not organic.
  4. Mix with other grains which contain minerals and calcium when you cook brown rice when you can.

Sometimes, people tend to limit the things they eat only to healthier foods. But, we have to make sure we have enough nutrition for our body. I believe we should eat a variety of good and healthy food all around. Let’s eat food wisely !!

Next blog, I will talk about how to cook brown rice nice and properly.

Until the next entry, ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Brown Rice (1) - Is it really worth eating? Image

We bought 25kg of brown rice the other day for health reasons. 25kg is a lot! I would have a strained back if I carried it.

Lately, Japanese have started eating brown rice as a result of a “health boom” in Japan. Some people have switched from white rice to brown rice. But is it worth eating it?

In terms of nutrition, brown rice contains higher content of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber than those of white rice. Great! Let’s eat brown rice from today then! Well, wait a minute.

Some studies show that the % of nutrition absorption from white rice is about 98% and from brown rice is about 90%, which means you cannot absorb all the nutrients from brown rice. Hmmm…interesting.

Another point – Phytic acid in the brown rice is expected to have an anti-cancer effect, but at the same time, it prevents absorbing minerals such as calcium to your body. Also, you have to be careful about agricultural chemicals that remain in the husk.

Now, are you confused? Let’s be clear in the next entry “Brown Rice (2) – Is it really worth eating”

Until the next entry, ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Party Season - Skincare After Drinking Alcohol ImageYou wake up in the morning and see yourself in the mirror…and you scream “OH NO!! I cannot go to the office like this!” Your eyes and face are puffy and your skin looks dry and dull. Yes, you drunk too much last night.

So, what can we do?

  1. Please get two towels. Put one wet towel in the freezer. In the meantime, put another wet towel in the microwave for about one minute and allow it cool down to around 40 degrees (please do not burn yourself as the towel may be very hot).
  2. Place the hot towel over your eye for 30 seconds. After that, place the cold towel for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply a toner and moisturiser.

If you do not have time for this, wash your face with hot water and cold water in turn several times. Please do not forget to apply a toner and moisturiser.

As you may be aware, alcohol has a negative effect on your skin and can damage your liver. Your healthy body is the best contributor to your beautiful skin. So, please look after yourself. Ah! That looks better now.

Enjoy this festive seasons (but be sensible)!

Yoko xoxo

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