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okoii Blog ImageDo you sigh when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you keep failing losing weight? Would you like to change or improve the inside and outside of yourself? Do you have confidence in yourself? Or you are not sure of what you want out of life? No worries! The “Onna Migaki Notebook” may be an excellent solution for you!

I recently found that creating an “Onna Migaki Notebook” (Woman Self-enhancement Notebook) is popular among women in Japan. Ms Hasegawa, Onna Migaki Producer, says, “I support women who have decided to be happy, not asking somebody to make them happy.” She believes that we, women, can maximise our attraction by accepting what we are, improve ourselves and establish our “own brand”. She also says, “Every woman is different, so she should sparkle in her own way with confidence without comparing to other people.” Wow, that sounds so cool, I like Ms Hasegawa 😉

So, what is an “Onna Migaki Notebook” then? The notebook is like a scenario for you on how to be what you want to be. Sounds easy? Let’s create an “Onna Migaki Notebook” then. Are you ready?

  1. Find a notebook – ideally, not too big and heavy, so that you can carry it around and put it in your bag.
  2. Think of beautiful women, nice fashion & makeup, favorite hairstyle. List your interests, hobbies, dreams, things that make you feel happy and you like to do. Imagine your ideal home, ideal place, and places you like to live or visit.
  3. Find the images you think of from magazines, books and the internet and cut them out.
  4. Paste the images with your wish comment such as “I would like to wear this beautiful clothing, so I will lose 5 kg !!”, “I would like to live in this kind of place” in the notebook. It is better to be as specific as possible when you write your wishes.

You must be feeling very excited when you finish creating your notebook full of happiness and dreams. Wait, you have not finished yet! This is just a beginning!

It is very important to look at the images and read your wishes everyday (ideally first in the morning or before sleeping). Write down what you see, experience, feel, think, hear, touch, and eat etc…, which will be your scenario that establishes you and your happiness. Of course, you cannot change everything at once, but I can assure you that you can achieve your goal and dreams, unless you give up. Lastly, please always remember “Enjoy the process!”

Have a nice day and ciao for now !

Yoko xoxo


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okoii Blog ImageWhenever I go back to Japan, I am always surprised to see many Japanese women in Tokyo look very pretty. I am not talking about young girls. I am talking about women assumably in their 40s-50s. Their skin look so smooth and radiant. They look slim and dressed nicely. Plus they look confident and healthy. It is impossible to tell their true ages. Unreal ! They are not humans, they must be witches ?!

Apparently, in Japan they call these women “Bimajyo” – Beauty Witch. Yes, I am correct, they are not humans 😉 It is said that the Bimajyo has to be an intellectual matured woman who looks younger than her age, continuously strives for improving her beauty and fashion sense, and always has a curiosity to learn things.

There is a Bimajyo Competition in Japan, which is sponsored by a popular Japanese woman’s magazine. There are 21 candidates for the competition. I have found their Bimajyo blogs, so I decided to read their blogs to find out their secrets to become a Bimajyo.

One Bimajyo said that she needs about 2 hours to prepare herself before starting the day, taking a bath (30 minutes), skin care (40 minutes), make up (40 minutes) and hair styling (20 minutes). That’s amazing ! I would not be able to find the time to do all this ! Another Bimajyo says that “Beauty equals health”, and shows what groceries she buys. As we can imagine, she buys so many different kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, which look great. Another Bimajyo has continued aerobic exercise since she was 19 years old. Reading the blogs of Bimajyo, I can assure you that all Bimajyo are not lazy and make a huge effort to aim for total beauty. Something I feel a bit disappointed by, is that they are not particularly oriented towards natural skin care, hair care and nail care. I guess it cannot be helped because the woman’s magazine is sponsoring the competition, which means a number of cosmetic, fashion, and beauty related companies are their advertisers and sponsors.

My thinking about the Bimajyo? I think it is great that women make a conscious effort to be beautiful, healthy and look much younger than their age. However, I also think it is fine for women to look as their actual age. Why do we have to look younger than our age? Also, as we get older, we lose youth but gain wisdom and intelligence coming from our experiences, which does show in our face. Imagine we spend so many hours a day trying to simply look younger than our age. There must be more meaningful and useful things to do in our life. I think it would be an ideal scenario if we looked younger and healthier as a result of having a healthy and happy life style. I believe that we can age slowly, beautifully, healthy and naturally 😉

Have a nice weekend and ciao for now !

Yoko xoxo

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okoii Blog ImageSurprisingly, we tend not to pay much attention to our scalp care. We look ourselves into a mirror carefully everyday and mumble something like “I had better do something about the lines around my lips…” while our scalp may cry out for urgent help ! Oh, our poor scalp :-(… Let’s remember that scalp care is equally as important as skin care.

Scalp plays important roles such as:

  1. To lift up muscles for your facial expression
  2. Detox heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury
  3. Promote circulation for your entire body if circulation for your scalp improves
  4. Basis to produce healthy hair

Why don’t we include scalp care in our skin care routine? Scalp care once a week will be effective and sufficient enough to keep our skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

  1. Place a small amount of oil (I recommend camellia oil) on your palm and massage your scalp when your hair is dry.
  2. Cover your head with a steamed bath towel, wear a shower cap over the towel and leave it for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Wash your hair with a shampoo twice but do not use any conditioner.
  4. Dry your hair completely.

For your daily wash, please use a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients. Also, it is a good idea to keep 2 or 3 different shampoos and alternate their usage. Each will remove residue left by the others. I was once told by my hairdresser that my hair looked much better than before and also became healthier too. You know why? I changed my shampoo and conditioner to all natural ones. Great, isn’t it?

Somebody may say to you, ”You have such a beautiful scalp!” Maybe not, but you can say it to yourself, because you know it !

Have a nice scalp care ! Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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okoii Blog ImageYou feel like as if you are a queen when you spoil yourself to a professional facial treatment. Oh…it is heaven ! I know how nice it is because I used to go to the facial salon too. Why don’t you keep it for a special occasion such as your birthday or Christmas?

  1. Cleanse the skin. Wash your face as you normally do.
  2. Exfoliate. Use a scrub with natural ingredients. First, massage the areas around your nose and forehead. Move to other areas in a circular motion and massage your cheek by gently rotating upwards. Then rinse it off.
  3. Steam. Place a wet towel in the microwave for about one minute and allow it cool down to around 40 degrees (Be careful when you handle a hot towel). Place the hot towel over your face for 3-5 minutes. It will help to soften the plugs that cause whiteheads and blackheads.
  4. Massage. Use a massage oil or massage cream with natural ingredients to massage your face gently and slowly. Rinse it off.
  5. Masque. Use a facial masque such as clay masque. Apply the masque, avoiding the areas around your eyes. Keep it on for about 15-20 minutes (follow the directions on the product). Then rinse it off completely.
  6. Apply a toner and moisturiser as you normally do.

When you do your own home facial treatment, play some relaxing music and burn incense. Do not forget to switch off your mobile and tell your boyfriend you’re not home 😉

Have a nice home facial ! Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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