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okoii Blog ImageAs a matter of fact, I used to believe the messages on TV commercial and advertising, and what beauty advisers in shops told me. Yes, I was a stupid and innocent consumer … 😦

As I get older. I started researching my interests like anti-aging, health, and especially skin care products. Speaking of the skin care products that are commonly sold in the shops, the more I knew what they contained in the products, the more I freaked out!

I would not deny all the famous brand skin care products, but we really have be careful what each ingredient actually does to your skin and health. Some ingredients may make your skin appear to be less wrinkle simply by stretching your skin, using the effects of synthetic ingredients. In Japan, there are face creams cost more than AUD$1,000! How could they be that expensive?! Nowadays, there are many new synthetic ingredients developed with advanced technology, and I guess they are the “high-tech” creams. They may be effective, but they do not have a long track record to prove whether the ingredients are safe to use in long term.

Natural ingredients have been used among people for many centuries, and the history tells you that they are safer to use for your skin and health. After my extensive study, I decided to go for “Nature” and started looking for natural products. Again, I freaked out! Surprisingly, there are not many true natural skin care products in the market. Although a product says a “natural product”, it does not mean it is 100% natural. I am beginning to ask myself, “Can I make true natural skin care products? Can I…? YES I CAN !!” It is definitely best and safest for me to make products myself because I can see all the ingredients that I put in the product. Of course, it was natural for me to feel that I wanted to share my products with people who are genuinely seeking for true natural products.

That’s how my brand, “okoii” started…

Have a nice day and ciao for now !

Yoko xoxo


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