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okoii Blog ImageBefore I start, I have to touch on the tragedy that happened in Japan a month ago. I was quite upset and feeling disconsolate by seeing the destruction of towns by the Tsunami, people who lost their homes, family and friends.

However, I have been encouraged by people suffered by the Tsunami trying to be positive and starting the reconstruction of their homes and businesses. Actually, they are not young. They are mainly 50-60 years old. I was deeply moved by their strength and positive attitude.

It will probably take more than 20 years to restore their towns and lives as they were before. The Kobe earthquake, took 3-5 years to restore to the way it was, but I hear that the city, main roads, and places were restored relatively quickly, but there are still many places that need attention and people who are still in grief. I feel it is very important that we keep supporting the region and people for many years, and I like to think what I can do to support them in long run.

In the last blog, I spoke about why I started okoii. Although I decided to create 100% natural products, I still had big doubt in my mind on whether natural products would be truly effective to skincare. However, it did not take too long for me to realise that my doubt was totally wrong. It only took a month or so to see my skin changing by using my natural skincare products. To be honest, before I used my natural products, I did not like to see my face without makeup on as my skin did not look good. But now I feel comfortable without makeup on! I can see my skin has become naturally healthy, which makes me feel happy and confident. Also, I do not have to put heavy make up on to cover as my skin as it looks healthy. Great, isn’t it?!

It is absolutely wonderful to reassure myself that traditional Japanese ingredients such as azuki bean, camellia oil, green tea, rice bran and seaweed have countless benefits for your skin, especially for anti-aging. As they are all gentle but effective natural ingredients, it is easy to understand why Japanese women in the past had beautiful skin. I wanted to use them as main ingredients as they are quite powerful themselves, and I wanted to maximise their great benefits by combining with locally available natural ingredients. I do hope that you will experience okoii’s natural skincare and attain true natural beauty!

Have a nice day and ciao for now !

Yoko xoxo


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