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okoii Blog ImageWe’re having miserable weather in Sydney – raining and cold. People often feel a bit down and lose motivation to do things under this kind of weather. I am an expert with making tons of excuses not to do anything. Actually, this is not a good thing to do 😦

Our words and thoughts in our mind influence our way of living and even our appearances.

Our brain believes in what we imagine, rather than fact. When we wake up in the morning, we go to the bathroom and look at ourselves in the mirror. What are we supposed to say?

“I am young and beautiful everyday. My skin looks great!”

It would be more effective to say this when we apply a toner and facial cream.

Also, our brain does not have “the subject”, which means that all the words (bad and good) we speak will come back to us. Using our brain’s trick, let’s compliment people we meet everyday.

“You look very nice!”, “You look very healthy and lively!”, “You look happy!” etc…

Our brain starts believing “I look fantastic!” because they cannot distinguish between you and me, so we naturally become that way. This does not cost any money either – what great recession proof anti-aging!

Lastly, if we live a life that stimulates our brain, we tend to age slow and the body functions that have been weakened tends to improve. Even small things may work such as changing the routine of house chores in your day.

Let’s use our smart brain for anti-aging inside and out!

Have a great day and ciao for now 😉

Yoko xoxo


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