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okoii Blog ImageIf you think your skin does not look good and healthy, do not think you cannot change your skin condition. I once thought the same before because my skin had large pores, looked dry and dull. I tried many different kinds of skin care products, but my skin did not change fundamentally.

Before I started studying and researching about skin care and skin care products, I was choosing skin care products by nice messages from advertisements, the images of the products, the models on the advertisements, and the recommendations from my friends or the advisers of skin care shops. And I believed my skin would look better by applying the products I chose. When my skin did not look better as I expected, I thought, “Oh well, my skin is not naturally beautiful. It must be inheritance”. I basically gave up and thought my skin would not change from the current condition.

Yes, I was very wrong! (again?!) When I studied thoroughly about skin care, I realised that I would need to consider many aspects in order to have a beautiful and healthy skin. The more I know about our skin, the more I discover that our skin has been affected by various elements such as overall health, food we eat, environment, stress, sleep, chemicals, exercises, drinking habits, life style and etc… This means we would have to know how each category affects our skin in order to have a beautiful & healthy skin. There is a massive overwhelming volume of study! However, when we understand each category and how they affect our skin, “Skin Care is no longer Just Skin Care”.

To study them was like the scales fell from my eyes. When we pursue to have healthy & beautiful skin, our life will change because we will have to review our life, and life style, and think how we will like to live our life. Basically, a good thing done for your skin is a good thing done for our health and vice-versa. So, it is a WIN-WIN situation! Fortunately, we can find so much information from internet, so it is worth spending time (even 30 minutes a day) to study skin care.

So, what is the role of skin care products then? Imagine you are the boss with several assistants of your team in the company. Skin care products are like assistants of your team. Oh, just assistants? You think it is not that important? I believe you would like to have highly competent assistants in order to achieve a target and complete a job. It is the same thing for skin care products. In order to achieve beautiful skin, we have to choose high quality skin care products very carefully. Please do not forget to read the labels listing the ingredients to make sure that the ingredients are used for your skin’s health, not to reduce the cost for the company. Refrain from toxic ingredients and synthetic ingredients, which could harm your skin and health. I am sure that you don’t want to have lazy assistants or bad assistants who will potentially stab your back!

Have a nice day and ciao for now 😉

Yoko xoxo


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okoii Blog ImageYour neck actually works really hard for you everyday. Your neck carries your big head like a ten pin bowling ball everywhere. Your neck must turn when you turn your face suddenly. But poor neck, your neck tends to be neglected. Not many women look after their neck as same as they look after their face. It is a bit of disaster when your face and neck do not show the same age i.e. your face looks 40 years old and your neck looks 60 years old !! 😦

The neckline and chest are some of the most viewed parts of your body and the most age-revealing parts of the body. Don’t overlook your neck and dècolletè (day-kol-tay) because you look much younger if you have a beautiful neck!

The skin in this area is thinner than your facial skin and also tends to dry out as the area does not have as many sebaceous and sweat glands compared to other areas of the body. Also, the area tends to be damaged by harmful UV rays the same as your face and show wrinkles and sunspots easily. “The way your neck ages is about 20% genetics… and 80% skin care habits”, writes dermatologist Leslie Baumann, M.D., on Yahoo Health. Oh, this means we all have a hope to have a younger-looking neck!

Basically, what you should do is to simply apply a daily skin care for your face to your neck area. Treat your neck area as same as your face with care. Put sunscreen on your neck every day, even on overcast or rainy days. If you would like to take an extra care, you may want to do lymphatic drainage massage, which is popular among Japanese Bimajyo. This effective and beneficial massage can help enhance beauty, health and general well-being by flushing out body wastes.

When you massage, never rub or pull your skin. Always massage gently and slowly, just like touching a baby bird.

  1. Place a wet towel in the microwave for about one minute and allow it cool down to around 40 degrees (Be careful when you handle a hot towel). Place the hot towel around your neck 3-5 minutes.
  2. Use pure natural oil such as camellia oil for massage and apply the oil over your neck area.
  3. Place entire fingers on either side of your neck right under your ears and move the skin in a downward motion towards the back of your neck.
  4. Repeat 10 times by gradually positioning your fingers lower and further down from your ear.
  5. Place entire fingers at the top of your shoulders on either side of the neck and massage gently by bringing the skin closer to the collarbone. Repeat 5 times.

Pamper your precious neck from today and surprise your husband, boyfriend and girlfriends by showing your beautiful neckline!

Have a great day and ciao for now 😉

Yoko xoxo

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