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It is abolutely amazing to hear that there is a South Korean lady, 20-years-old Bae Dal-mi, did not remove her makeup and did not wash her face for TWO YEARS!

She wanted to “look perfect all the time”, and even slept with her makeup on.

As we all know, sleeping with makeup and leaving makeup on for a long time can cause you big damage on your skin.

So, how much damage does she have without washing her face for two years?

The doctor who checked the condition of her skin, revealed that Bae’s skin was TWICE HER ACTUAL AGE due to the make-up.

Ms Chizu Saeki, an aesthetician and beauty consultant in Japan, suggests that “if you take 30 minutes to put your makeup on,  it is important for you to feel that you may take 30 minutes to remove your makeup and cleanse your face gently and thoroughly. ”

If you sometimes do not feel bothered to remove your makeup, please remember that it will take 2 days for your skin to recover from the damage done, if you do not remove your makeup one night. If it was on for two nights, it will take 4 days to recover.

Now, do you STILL go to bed without washing your face??

Please take care and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

Source & Bae’s photos from: Pakila http://paki.la/499.html


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There was the 2nd Bimajyo Competition the other day in Japan.

Please see my former blog about Beauty Secrets of the “Bimajyo” – Beauty Witch in Japanese ->http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

Ms Yoshiko Yamada, 45 years old, has won the 1st prize of the Bimajyo competition. She is managing a modelling agency. Her profile is (from her blog):

Height: 163cm

B: 83cm

W: 58cm

H: 82cm

Also, I have read her weight is 43kg. So slim!

One of her Bimajyo secrets I totally support is that she uses 4 bottles of skin toner per month. It takes her 60 minutes to apply a toner.  No wonder she looks very fresh!

(photo source news.biglob.co.jp)

I once wrote about how important a face toner is. For creating young looking skin,  a face toner is a “MUST” item for your daily skin care routine. Please see my former blog about Japanese Beauty Secret– Japanese Women Like Using a Face Toner  -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

I believe everybody is going to be busy towards the end of the year.

You may have several late nights for Christmas parties and dinners.

But let’s try not to neglect our daily skin care routine, although we would feel like diving into bed without removing our makeup 🙂

(photo source: kisemisscon.seesaa.net)

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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