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Imagine you are in the skin care shop.

All kinds of skin care products are lined up on the shelf and display their messages to you.

“I am a NATURAL product. I am so good ! Buy me!”

“I am a preservative FREE product. I am better than other products. Get me now!”

“I am an ORGANIC product. I am the BEST! You must choose me.”

Just IGNORE their noisy common messages, turn a product 180 degrees and look at their label.

That’s where the TRUTH of the product is.

In the previous blog, I have talked about the IMPORTANCE of reading the label -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-ev

But, it is sometimes hard to know if the ingredients contained in the product are safe or good for you.

The fonts used on the label are usually small and hard to read.

Firstly, before trying to understand the ingredients, make a HABIT of turning the product 180 degrees after you pick it up from the shelf.

And try to read the ingredients of the label, do not worry if you don’t understand them.

If you are shopping online, read the ingredients of the product disclosed on the website.


When I buy food and a very few personal care products (as you can guess, I don’t buy skin care products any more 🙂 ), I actually do not remember the name and design of the products.

Why don’t I remember? Yes, you are right. I turn the product around, read the ingredients and make sure if the ingredient are SAFE for my health.

When you go to the skin care shop or glocery store today, read the ingredients on the label and try to get familiar with the names of the ingredients.

If you get used this shopping routine, you will not hesistate over which products to buy. Your shopping will be very EASY, and you can buy things with CONFIDENCE.

You may think reading and understanding the label is troublesome. In the beginning, you may feel that way. But once you get used to this, you can RECOGNISE the safety of the ingredients at GLANCE. This actually makes you less STRESSED, and it becomes a QUICKER way of choosing safe good quality products.

In the next blog post, I will talk more about more specific ways to read a product label.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xox


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There are two things in front of you.

One is a brown paper bag and another one is a beautiful gift box held by a beautiful model.

If you were told to choose one, I believe you would choose the beautiful gift box.

But, actually there is a diamond in the brown paper bag and there is a glass bead in the gift box.

Sorry – you may think this is not fair…!!

How easily are we deceived by appearances?  Sometimes, our judgement is not logical. Our judgement is often made up by our emotion, feeling, sense and etc…

Especially, we have to remember that product packaging does not always equal to the quality of its content inside the packaging. For example, speaking of skin care products, packaging does not make you beautiful. What is inside the container is what will make you beautiful.

So, how can we actually choose a diamond?


If you read the label on the brown paper bag, it says “diamond”. The label on the gift box says “glass bead”.

In this global economic downturn, I feel it is very important to improve our ability to identify good & quality products. We consumers have to be a lot more wiser than before. A lot of companies now use any means to grab money from you by using  a lot of flowery words and elegant phrases, misleading advertisement, great images, and etc…  When you buy a product, ask yourself why am I choosing this product.

We oftern hear, “they are natural products“. Are they 100% natural products or do they include natural ingredients? Look at the label, and soon you will find out the truth behind the products.

Another one is “Use organic ingredients“.  Yes, they use some organic ingredients, but what percentage of organic ingredients do they include? 5% or less than that? You can estimate this from reading the label.

But you may say, “I cannot tell wheather the ingredients on the label are natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients.”

In the next post, I will talk about how to read a product label.

Thank you for reading & ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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I was watching a Japanese drama series the other day.

There was a scene where a 45 years old woman confessed to her friends, “I think I am at the end of my menstrual cycle…”. And her friends were all surprised and said, “I still have it”. The other friend said, “I still have it too”. And the woman became panicky, and tried to deny it, “I still do not know! Maybe its’ not over!” and started crying…

When your friends ever tell you about this, tell them something like, “Congratulations! You have completed a big job. You are about to open a new chapter in your life. You are reborn and becoming a new woman.!”

If you are already in this new chapter of your life or you are close to it, please do not feel sad or empty as there is no need to be that way.

Do not focus on the negative side of aging. Find something you can enjoy doing or like to do. There are many things you can do at your current age. You may want to go to Yoga classes. You may want to learn healthy cooking. Or you may want to start playing golf with your boyfriend or husband. By trying somthing new, you may be able to discover a different and new “You”. 

Accepting what you are now is very important for slow and beautiful aging. Women always want to look younger or more beautiful. There is nothing wrong with that. However, some women try to look unnaturally younger a or have plastic surgery. This is actually fighting against their aging. They do not want to accept the fact they are losing their youth, but they will have to accept their look and age sometime in their life.  Yes, fighting against aging is not a winning game. So, why do they fight then?

I believe there is beuaty in every age group. In your 20’s, youth itself is a beauty. In your 40’s, maturity is a beauty. In your 60’s, wisdom and experiences are beauty. For example, if a woman in her 40’s tries to look 20, she cannot show the beauty of her maturity. I think it is ideal if we look the best we can at our age. In order to do that, I believe the following are important – Eat Healthy Food, Sleep Well, Do Moderate Exercise, Happy Lifestyle, Non-toxic Environment, Positive Mind, and of course Natural Skin Care.

Let’s look after ourselves and aim for beautiful aging.

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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I am always impressed to see Japanese Bimajyo (About Bimajyo – >https://okoii.wordpress.com/category/bimajyo/ ) because they look about 8-10 years younger than their actual age.

Of course, they make big efforts to be beautiful and healthy everyday, and some Bimajyo spend many hours of the day maintaining their youth and beauty.

Unfortunately, we have to juggle various tasks everyday at work and home, so many people do not have a luxury to spend too much time (and money) for their health and beauty. Yes, we, women,  are busy!

So, I have selected 7 natural beauty routines from the beauty secrets of the Bimajyo, which are not difficult to perform. Let’s start them from today and make them as our beauty routines.

1. When you rise off your face, splash lukewarm water over your face 40 times, and then splash cold water 10 times.

This beauty secret is from a Japanese actress, “Mao Daichi”. She is currently 55 years old, but she looks like late 30s – early 40s.  I have been her fan for a long time, but it seems like she has not changed much from her 30s.  To me, she is a miracle 55! She said on a TV show that she has washed her face this way for a long time, and she actually counts the number of splashes when she washes her face.

2. Drink a glass of filtered water first in the morning.

This may be common sense for the Bimajyo. Before drinking coffee or tea in the morning, drink water to hydrate your body. This is my routine too 🙂

3. Eat food containing Omega 3 Fatty Acid

The omega -3 fatty acids can be found in flaxseed oil, blue fish such as sardin and mackarel, salmon, brightly colored vegetables, walnut, beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower. Increasing the intake of foods rich in omega-3 acids will help maintain a good hormonal balance.

“Omega 3 skin benefits have been established by scientific research.  Recent studies have shown that a diet low in essential fatty acids – and that’s around 99% of US citizens – can lead to dry skin and premature wrinkles”.  Source: Simply Anti-Aging http://www.simplyantiaging.com/146/omega-3-look-younger/

4. Have some fruits in the morning.

It is a great beauty routine to have fruits in the morning.  Fruits make your suger level increase quickly, so you feel energised in the morning.  Also, frutis have a lot of fiber, which helps enhance your stomach movement. Also, potassium contained in the fruits drains salt from your body to help swelling go down. I have fruits with greek yogurt & manuka honey every morning. You may think you have no time to do ths in the morning, but it only takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

5. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisurise !

Bimajyos understand the importance of moisturising their skin. Please refer my previous blog post and learn how to use a toner effectively. (-> Japanese Beauty Secret – Japanese Women Like Using a Face Toner https://okoii.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/japanese-beauty-secret-japanese-women-like-using-a-face-toner/ )  Remember dry skin is your biggest enemy in ageing your skin!

6. Turn off your PC or TV 1-2 hours before going to bed and wind down

Relaxing your brain is important for leading you to a good quality sleep.  I know it is hard to do that every night. But you will be able to do that 3 times a week, won’t you? A couple of times a week, I turn off my PC a bit early and put a facial masque before going to bed. I do strech for 10 mintues while wearing a masque. This is actually very relaxing because I stretch with natural aromas from the masque.

7.  Get off the train or bus one stop early and walk home

After working hard in the office, you feel tired, but this is because your are mentally tired, not physically tired.  If you do not have time to do an exercise regularly, this little effort will actually make you refreshed and get you a little excersie.

Hope you can start the above natural routines from today and be more healthy and beautiful in 2012!

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Do you arrange flowers at home?

If you arrange flowers at home, you can get various benefits for your health and beauty.

Arranging flowers has the effect of  healing and leading you to better concentration.

Also, you may be able to improve your sense of beauty by enjoying their fragrance, colour coordination, and overall balance during flower arrangement.


The aroma of rose helps brighten up your feeling from depression.

Also, the aroma from rose often used in skin care products has an effect to control hormorne balance for women and to improve their skin condition.

Why not arrange roses if your skin has problems affected by hormone balance before that time in the month?


The aroma of lily can affect the parasympathetic nervous system and increase your metabolism

Also, it is good for people who would like to lose weight and suffer from diabetes due to the effects of stimulating hormone secretion.


The aroma of hyancinth is highly effective for healing you and restoring from fatigue. You may know this aroma is used often in perfumes.

Stress and fatigue will cause some skin troubles and health problems, so this lovely hyancinth may help you relax and wind down.

Let’s enjoy flowers more often this year – please add this to your new year’s resolution 🙂

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Happy New Year to everyone!

Hope you had a fun, a happy Christmas and New Year holiday season.

I just would like to tell you that okoii has launched its new website. www.okoii.com

I am very pleased and relieved it was finally completed. Sometimes, I felt like I was running in a tunnel without an exit.

But, there is always a goal if we proceed even little by little each day. (This applys to daily skin care too 🙂 )

Talking to a lot of people about skin care, I have realised that many people do not use their skin care products in proper way. They sometimes do not follow the instruction or invent the usage in their own way.

Actually, it is extremely important to follow the instruction of the products, in order to receive their best effects. Although you use the same product, there will be a difference in result if the product is not applied in right way.

I think that it is actually our fault if okoii’s products are not used by our customers in their proper way. Maybe, it is not clear where the instruction is, or the instruction itself is not clear.

On our new website, we try to show “How to Use” in details on our product pages.

Many people put on a toner as they think it should put. But applying a toner is a very important process in a proper skin care routine, and your skin will change overtime by applying a toner properly.

Our product page, Green Tea Hydrating & Brightening Toner shows “How to Use” this Toner in details. http://www.okoii.com/prdgthydra.php

In addition to the product instruction, we have also added useful information such as;

Skin Care Chart  http://www.okoii.com/skincare-chart.php


Skin Type Solution http://www.okoii.com/skintype-sol.php

Hope our new website will give you some useful tips for your skin care.

Please let me know if you have any comments on our new website. Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my blog and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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