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Hello Everybody,

Happy New Year ! Hope everybody is having a good start to the year.

Have you set a New Year’s resolution? If so, do you still stick to it?

85% of people who set a New Year’s resolution fail to continue by 15th January.

By now, you may be thinking it is hard to continue whatever you have decided to do.  Stick to it because you will feel fantastic when you have achieved your resolution.

I decided to stretch in the morning everyday, and I still do it.  Actually, it is getting easier than before, and I begin to feel great too!

Today, I want to introduce beauty routines that Bimajyos practice.

I know they are beautiful by nature, but they also practice beauty routines everyday.


Bimajyo 1:Ms Masako Mizutani

She is 44 years old, but she looks like she is in her 20s!

Her skin without makeup looks beautiful too. What’s her beauty secret?

She uses a wash-off type facial mask in the morning and a sheet mask at night everyday.

She applies a moisturiser one minute after applying a toner.  She applies a toner gently, not to pat her skin hard. She puts a makeup on even when she is at home.

I can tell she really looks after her skin and practice good routines everyday, except putting makeup on even when she is at home, which I feel, is not necessary. But, it depends on how much and what sort of makeup she uses. It is better to use a makeup such as genuine mineral foundation.

Bimajo 2: Ms Yoshiko Yamada

***My post about Yoshiko Yamada is here   ->  http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

Her skin age is 20s although she is 46 years old ! Absolutely amazing.

What she for cares the most is “moisturising”. She uses 4 toners per month.

***My post about how important a toner is for skin care routine is here -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-6c

She also uses a hot steam towel. She apply a moisturiser after cleansing her face and put a hot steamed towel on.  After this, she applies a toner.

I would say her skin care is an “ideal skin care” and it is also economical !

Bimajyo 3:Junko Matsumura

She is 40 years old, but she keeps a great figure.

Her secret is “Carbohydrate Diet”, which does not mean that she does not eat carbohydrate at all, she selects the food with low GI levels.

The number of GI indicates how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level.

When sugar level goes up quickly, your body creates a hormone called insulin and tries to accumulate fat. For example, GI level of white rice is high, and GI level of brown rice is low.

She also chooses nuts and dry fruits instead of sweets such as cookies and cakes. Also, she does Yoga and swims.  It is great to care for what you eat and to do regular exercises.

As we see, they make an effort to be healthy and beautiful everyday.

I will introduce three more Bimajyos in my next post 🙂

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo


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