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I have received a question from one of our customers about the Aloe Vera plant.


“What is your opinion about the Aloe vera plant?

Do you use the juice of this plant directly on your face?

Do you cut a little piece and lubricate your face skin with 100% Aloe Vera juice?”


I remember my grandmother loved to plant Aloe Vera in her pot.

She cut the plant and put it on her skin directly when she burned herself. and…it worked !


Regarding the question, “Yes”, you can apply 100% Aloe Vera Juice from the plant to your skin directly, but please make sure you do not have any allergy to aloe vera.


In order to make sure that you do not have an allergy, do the patch test on your skin.

Apply the juice to the skin of your inner arm and leave it for 24 hours.

If your skin did not get any reaction, i.e. becomes red or itchy, you are not allergic to Aloe Vera.


When you use Aloe Vera plant from your garden, clean it in fresh water thoroughly.

Do not use Aloe Vera plants that are sprayed by pesticides.


Amazing Skin Benefits of Aloe Vera, ‘Plant of Immortality’ 


Finding out the benefits of Aloe Vera, it sounds like it works for just about anything.


sunburn, burns, rashes, wounds, acne, insect bites, psoriasis, eczema, flaky or dry skin, scalp problems, stretch marks and etc…the list is endless.


Aloe Vera has become one of the popular ingredients in skin care products due to its amazing benefits for your skin.

Aloe Vera is non-toxic and is gentle to sensitive skin.


If you are worried about fine lines and elasticity in your skin, Aloe Vera works quite well to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and improve the firmness of your skin.


As you know, dryness is one of the main cause of aging your skin.

If you think “My skin is oily, so it cannot be dry”, it may not be true.


If your skin is dry, your skin will produce more oil in order to moisturise your skin, that may cause more oily skin.

Aloe Vera is a perfect natural moisturiser without making your skin greasy.

This means if you have oily skin but there is no moisture content in your skin, you will love to use Aloe Vera in your daily skin care routine.


Also, Aloe Vera helps lighten, smooth and grow your skin.

You simply apply Aloe Vera gel to your skin, that helps to alleviate sun tanning and hyper pigmentation.


Grow Aloe Vera plan and grow your skin too 🙂

Yoko xox


We love Aloe Vera and use Aloe Vera Juice in the following products;

Camellia Deep Penetrating Cream

Green Tea Hydrating & Brightening Toner

Floral Beauty Toner

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Happy to help you 🙂


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