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Hello Everybody,

When I go to a buffet style lunch or dinner, I get excited to see so many different kinds of foods!

But at the same time, I am worried about my weight control by eating all the foods I like to eat 😦

Is there any way to eat buffet without affecting your weight so much?

Actually, there are three points you may want to consider when you go to a buffet.

1. Eat a Salad or Vegetable Dish First

You may be tempted to eat foods you like first. but  take a breath and get a salad or vegetable dish first.

Fiber in vegetables slows down the absorption of sugar into your stomach and prevents sugar levels from rising  too quickly.

Also, fiber expands in your stomach, so you feel full and may not feel like eating too much carbohydrate later on.

Remember it is wise to eat carbohydrate such as bread after eating a salad or vegetables.

2. Wait for 10 minutes before getting a main dish

You may feel urged to get a main dish right after you finish foods on your plate, but wait for 10 minutes.

If you eat slowly, you may prevent overeating because you already feel full.

3.  Divide 3 sections on your plate

The problem of  buffet style is you don’t know how much food you have eaten, and the plate for the main dish is pretty big!

Divide 3 sections on your plate

1st section – foods including protein such as meat (preferably chicken) or fish

2nd section – staple such as rice

3rd section – vegetable dish such as roasted vegetables

If you plan to have a desert, make the 3 sections a bit smaller.

If you feel you overeat at a buffet, no breakfast next day could be a good idea.

Enjoy a buffet in wise and in healthy way!

Thank you for visiting my blog and ciao for now 🙂

Yoko xoxo


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Hi Everybody,

Spring is around the corner in Sydney.

Now, a lot of colorful flowers are in bloom although it is still a bit chilly in the morning and at night.

Today, I would like to introduce a blog called “a beautiful story” by Sarah.

Sarah has kindly reviewed our products in detail and even shown her photo without makeup on after using our products for a while! (Thank you very much, Sarah!)

I am very pleased she has become a fan of our products.

Her review are informative and self-explanatory,

so please check out this great post !
↓         ↓        ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓

Looking for quality natural skincare? Try “okoii”!

Thank you very much for reading and ciao for now

Yoko xoxo

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Hi Everybody,

It is getting cool and dry in the morning and night in Sydney.

This is the season I have to be a bit careful about looking after my eczema on my legs. In summer, it is fine if I forget to moisturise my legs from time to time, but now, my legs tend to get dry and itchy if I forget to apply a cream to them.

Today, I will talk about 10 causes of your skin troubles.

Although we look after our skin in a proper way and we care about what we eat, our skin may have troubles for various reasons.

Would you be able to list up 10 external and internal causes? This is very important to know because you can detect the cause of your skin problem when it happens.

<External Factors>

1. Irritation from Friction

Although friction or pressure is not strong, if is done for a certain period of time, stratum corneum (made of dead and flat skin cells) will degenerate.

2. Irritation from Chemicals

Sometimes people get a rash from sap such as sumac tree,  chemicals, and skin care products. There are two reactions: reaction by toxic substances and allergic reactions to some substances.

3. Stimulation from Environment

Hot and cold weather and UV will stimulate skin and cause skin troubles.

4. Virus and Bacteria

Virus, bacteria and fungus cause skin problems.

One or more factors stated above may cause skin problems.  Such as allergic reactions to skin care products caused by UV, is a combination of the above points 2 and 3.

<Internal Factors>

5. Internal Organs

When the liver, stomach or intestine, and kidney do not function well, this leads to an imbalance of the metabolic mechanism. As a result, various toxic substances are released from body and cause some skin problems.

6. Hormone Imbalance

I believe many women are suffering from hormone imbalances especially before a period. If you are under stress for a long time, this causes autonomic imbalance, that leads to inappropriate secretion of hormones. The examples of skin problems from this are acne,  hepatopathia blemish and menopause.

7. Reaction from Foods

An allergic reaction from particular foods is a common problem. People can get a bad acne by eating excessive sugar and oil.

8. Lack of Vitamins

Vitamin A & B are necessary to maintain your healthy skin and a lack of those vitamins may cause some skin troubles. Blemishes, acne, and dry skin are related to a lack of vitamins. 

9. Mental Issue

Mental factors such as stress from daily life can cause skin troubles. Usually, this is not a direct reason. The inappropriate secretion of hormone is caused by stress. Acne and blemish can get worse with constant stress.

10. Inheritance   

Skin type is inherited from parents to children. Super-sensitive skin, allergy, eczema are closely related to genetic factors.

Internal factors are more complex than external factors, and sometimes external and internal factors are related each other and cause some skin troubles.

Everybody is different and some people easily suffer from skin problems, while some are not even effected under the same circumstances. In the end, you know best from your physical and mental condition, not a doctor. So, when you have some skin troubles. you can try to research yourself, not relying 100% on your doctor.

When I had eczema years ago, I went to dermatologist regularly, but I stopped going there because my eczema did not improve much.  The scary thing to me was the sorbolene cream recommend by my doctor. To me, it looked like the cream makes the surface of my legs’ skin greasy, but my skin always came out looking like a crocodile skin! I realised this cream did not improve my skin fundamentally

So, I had to search for alternative treatment – which ended up being quite simple – Healthy diet, regular & moderate exercise, good sleep, non-toxic environment, less stressful life style, positive mind and genuine natural skin care.

Of course, everybody is different, so this may not agree with you, but you can always improve on these recommendations. It is a good thing to try anyway even though you may not see much change in your symptoms.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Hi Everybody,

How can we create an aura of glamour around us, like an actress?

(If you have not read the previous blog, http://wp.me/p1NJvq-ly)

Today, I will introduce some tips we can try from today.

 Skin – Translucent Skin

Only smooth, firm and elastic skin will not create an aura.

What we need is “translucent skin”.

When skin looks luminous, it radiates from inner skin, not from the surface of the skin.

The light reflecting from the inner skin creates a luminious skin.

And the light should be bright because radiant skin is dazzling,

That’s why the light bouncing from bright skin creates an aura which attracts people.

I think this translucent effect cannot be expected if you put too much makeup on.

Also, the important thing is our skin has to look fresh and lively.

Think about a doll. The doll may be pretty, but it does not have an aura because it is not alive.

Actually, when our cells activate and create energy, our skin shows vitality.

No wonder a bride has a beautiful aura around her as she uses the effect of “White Light” and “Vitality (I believe her inner happiness must show on her face too)”.

 Hair Style

If you look after your hair and style your hair nicely, it will create a clear and beautiful aura around you.

But on the other hand, if you perfect your hair style, there is a possibility that it may become bad taste.

Especially, the hair style you may see on the poster at hair salon could look a bit silly on us. The hair style which is a little bit out of the current fashion is not good either.

So, what style can create an aura of glamour around us?

Orthodox hair style which is not influenced by the fashion or the era – for example, wavy long hair and super sleek straight long hair can create a beautiful aura.

Sprinkle silver glitter on 5 to 6 places on your face.

People may notice it is glitter, but it is amazing that it will become like an aura.

Do not put them too much as you are not a Christmas tree 🙂

Select the texture that can create the impression of “moist” rather than “dry”. Using pearl eyeshadow could be a good idea. Put it slightly on your eyelid and cheek bones.

People who have done exercise have face with pink cheeks. You can feel their energy and vitality although you cannot see them. Actually, this sometimes can create some aura. So, remember to use a pinkish or rosy shades on your cheeks which make you look lively.

 And Last Tip…

If you change your appearance which is totally different from your former image, you can create an aura around you.

For example, when you change your makeup, cut your hair very short or dress up nicely, you will create an aura naturally.

Remember when you show a different “You” from usual, you always release an aura.

Hope you will create an aura of glamour around you and become like a shinning star!

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

(Reference:X Brand http://xbrand.yahoo.co.jp/category/beauty/4737/2.html)

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Hi Everybody,

Do you sometimes see a woman who is not particulary beautiful, but who has somewhat of an aura of glamour around her?

Why is she like that?

And how can we become like her?

One of the reasons why she looks beautiful is that she perceives herself as beautiful.

You may think she is just narcissistic.

Yes, you are probably right, but this is a very important element to create an aura of glamour around you.

When you are aware of people’s eye on you, you can create even a small aura of glamour around you.

If you perceive yourself as beautiful, you will become aware of people’s eye on you.

You make an effort to find a hair style and clothes which can make you the most beautiful.

Even your manner and movement will be refined and elegant.

Whether you are beatiful or not is determined by your demeanour, style and atmosphere around you.

The important thing is whether you are able to create your “beautiful appearance” or not.

That is why anybody can become beautiful if you put your mind to it.

A woman who perceives herself as beautiful looks after herself very well.

She takes her time to improve her appearance and dress herself.

This passion of her creates an aura of glamour around her – That’s true!

Sometimes, I am surprised to see an actress becoming beautiful very quickly although she looked a bit unsophisticated when she started to be exposed in public.

In fact, she devotes all her energies to make herself beautiful as a professional because she is always exposed to people’s eyes. That’s why she has become beatiful at a rate of knots.

At the same time, she create an aura of glamour around her and starts sparkling like a diamond.

In the next blog, I will speak about easy tips how we can create an aura of glamour around us.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

(Reference:X Brand http://xbrand.yahoo.co.jp/category/beauty/4737/2.html)

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Hi Everybody,

It has been so cool in Sydney…Where is summer? Where are the beach days?

Well…I have to be positive. Not many sunny days means I have not been exposed to UV! This means I did not have extra wrinkles and blemish this summer…?!

Back to my today’s subject…

In the past post , I have mentioned that it is important to make a habit to read product labels and get used to the name of the ingredients. (please read the post if you have not read it -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-fu)

Actually, reading a product label is not difficult.

Did you like chemistry when you leant it at school?

I actually hated it… 😦

The imcomprehensible and long terminologies put me sleep in class. Thanks to this subject, I had a good sleep!

If you become sleepy when you read a product label or your brain cannot process unfreindly words on the label, you might as well doubt if the product is safe or any good for you.

You know what this means? If you don’t understand many ingredients on the product label,  you roughly understand that the product could be hazardous to your health and skin.

What you would like to see on the label would be something like this…

Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Olive Oil, Green Tea Extract, Almond Sweet Oil, Lavender Water, Rose Water, Camellia Oil, Sandalwood Oil, and etc…”

Ah…..they even sound better and gentle…Reading these ingredients make me feel so good too 🙂

Well…we will try to look into a bit more details about the ingredients.

The below is some examples of the chemical ingredients which we would like to avoid. You would like to avoid the products containing the below ingredients including “Ben”, “Pheno”, “Ethylene” and etc…

Ben :    Paraben, Benzene

PhenoPhenoxyethanol, Phenol

Ethylene (Eti):  Polyoxyethylene, Etidronic acid

Poly: Polysorbate, Polyquaternium

Clo, chlo: Triclosan, Chlorhexidine

– Others: BHT, EDAT, PEG-6

– Including Number: Polyoxyethylene 10 Lauryl Ether

– Coloured with a Number: Red 40

…Sorry I started having a headache, even typing these words.

Conclusion: “If the name of the ingredients sound familiar & natural to you and you can imagine what they are, the product would be safe and gentle to your skin. But we have to be careful if we see chemical ingredients on the label although other ingredients are natural.  The product could be hazardous to your health and skin. ”

I hope you have got a rough idea on how to find good natural products for youself.

This subject is quite profound, and I would like to talk about in more details some time in my blog.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Imagine you are in the skin care shop.

All kinds of skin care products are lined up on the shelf and display their messages to you.

“I am a NATURAL product. I am so good ! Buy me!”

“I am a preservative FREE product. I am better than other products. Get me now!”

“I am an ORGANIC product. I am the BEST! You must choose me.”

Just IGNORE their noisy common messages, turn a product 180 degrees and look at their label.

That’s where the TRUTH of the product is.

In the previous blog, I have talked about the IMPORTANCE of reading the label -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-ev

But, it is sometimes hard to know if the ingredients contained in the product are safe or good for you.

The fonts used on the label are usually small and hard to read.

Firstly, before trying to understand the ingredients, make a HABIT of turning the product 180 degrees after you pick it up from the shelf.

And try to read the ingredients of the label, do not worry if you don’t understand them.

If you are shopping online, read the ingredients of the product disclosed on the website.


When I buy food and a very few personal care products (as you can guess, I don’t buy skin care products any more 🙂 ), I actually do not remember the name and design of the products.

Why don’t I remember? Yes, you are right. I turn the product around, read the ingredients and make sure if the ingredient are SAFE for my health.

When you go to the skin care shop or glocery store today, read the ingredients on the label and try to get familiar with the names of the ingredients.

If you get used this shopping routine, you will not hesistate over which products to buy. Your shopping will be very EASY, and you can buy things with CONFIDENCE.

You may think reading and understanding the label is troublesome. In the beginning, you may feel that way. But once you get used to this, you can RECOGNISE the safety of the ingredients at GLANCE. This actually makes you less STRESSED, and it becomes a QUICKER way of choosing safe good quality products.

In the next blog post, I will talk more about more specific ways to read a product label.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xox

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