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Hello Everybody,

It has been more than 8 months since I posted a blog. Time goes too fast…!!

Actually, it has been exciting and enjoyable for okoii.

1. okoii Natural Skin Care is now accredited as Australian Certified Toxic-Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

2. We started trading at Organic Food Markets.

3. okoii was interviewed by the local radio (2rrr) at the Organic Food Market.

Also, we are in the middle of working on a new website too.

We will keep you posted when our new website and products are launched.

rose candle

Today, I will talk more about the beauty routines that the Bimajyo practice.

Bimajyo 4:Ms Yoshie Kusama

Yoshie believes that diet is the source of beauty. She tries not to eat food with preservatives and has a balanced diet.

She eats garlic everyday and giblets when she can. She cleanses her face with lukewarm water at 32 degrees celsius, because your skin loses natural oils if you wash your face with hot water more than this temperature. She always cares not to make unnecessary friction on her skin and not to pull on her skin.

Bimajyo 5:Ms Akemi Nagayama

Akemi makes an effort to keep her beauty more than 5 hours everyday! She walks for 60 minutes, does 22 kinds of facial exercises for 2 hours, and 10 kinds of physical training for 2 hours everyday.

It is unrealistic for us to do this, but it is worth doing even a little bit everyday.

Bimajyo 6:Ms Reiko Monma

She is a very busy Bimajyo, raising four children and managing her beauty salon.  Apparently, she did not use a baby cart. Because of that, she believes she was able to maintain her body figure by using her muscles.

For her skin care, she uses a hot towel everyday.  (Please see my post on learning how to use a steam towel ->   http://tinyurl.com/mge66k4 )

Let’s try to practice even for 10 minutes for your health and beauty !

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo


okoii Natural Skin Care is luxury handmade natural skin care. We make each product fresh upon your order.

For more details, please see -> http://www.okoii.com


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Hello Everybody,

Happy New Year ! Hope everybody is having a good start to the year.

Have you set a New Year’s resolution? If so, do you still stick to it?

85% of people who set a New Year’s resolution fail to continue by 15th January.

By now, you may be thinking it is hard to continue whatever you have decided to do.  Stick to it because you will feel fantastic when you have achieved your resolution.

I decided to stretch in the morning everyday, and I still do it.  Actually, it is getting easier than before, and I begin to feel great too!

Today, I want to introduce beauty routines that Bimajyos practice.

I know they are beautiful by nature, but they also practice beauty routines everyday.


Bimajyo 1:Ms Masako Mizutani

She is 44 years old, but she looks like she is in her 20s!

Her skin without makeup looks beautiful too. What’s her beauty secret?

She uses a wash-off type facial mask in the morning and a sheet mask at night everyday.

She applies a moisturiser one minute after applying a toner.  She applies a toner gently, not to pat her skin hard. She puts a makeup on even when she is at home.

I can tell she really looks after her skin and practice good routines everyday, except putting makeup on even when she is at home, which I feel, is not necessary. But, it depends on how much and what sort of makeup she uses. It is better to use a makeup such as genuine mineral foundation.

Bimajo 2: Ms Yoshiko Yamada

***My post about Yoshiko Yamada is here   ->  http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

Her skin age is 20s although she is 46 years old ! Absolutely amazing.

What she for cares the most is “moisturising”. She uses 4 toners per month.

***My post about how important a toner is for skin care routine is here -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-6c

She also uses a hot steam towel. She apply a moisturiser after cleansing her face and put a hot steamed towel on.  After this, she applies a toner.

I would say her skin care is an “ideal skin care” and it is also economical !

Bimajyo 3:Junko Matsumura

She is 40 years old, but she keeps a great figure.

Her secret is “Carbohydrate Diet”, which does not mean that she does not eat carbohydrate at all, she selects the food with low GI levels.

The number of GI indicates how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level.

When sugar level goes up quickly, your body creates a hormone called insulin and tries to accumulate fat. For example, GI level of white rice is high, and GI level of brown rice is low.

She also chooses nuts and dry fruits instead of sweets such as cookies and cakes. Also, she does Yoga and swims.  It is great to care for what you eat and to do regular exercises.

As we see, they make an effort to be healthy and beautiful everyday.

I will introduce three more Bimajyos in my next post 🙂

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Hi Everybody,

Recently, I watched a Japanese TV program about a 97 years old woman, Ms Tsuneko Sasamoto, a photo journalist.

Apparently, she is the first women who became a photo journalist in Japan.

As you can see the photos below, she does not look like she’s 97 years old at all, and she looks lovely!

I wrote blog posts about “Bimajyo (Beauty Witch)” in the past,

but I think she is the “TRUE BIMAJYO” to me!

She is still working as a photo journalist and traveling around in Japan gathering information and interviewing people.

I saw her walking on TV. She was walking steady with her back straight.

Miracle 97 years old !

Would you like to know her anti-aging secrets?

1. Her Everyday’s Diet

She basically cooks at home and uses quality ingredients for her cooking.

She says:

“People who are fashionable try to wear expensive clothes by saving money from spending on foods,

but they are the least dignified people in mind. You have to spend the most money on food.”

I totally agree with her thoughts, and I try to practice the above everyday too.

She eats 100gm of meats every night without any bread or rice.

She also drinks a glass of red wine because polyphenol in red wine helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Eating, Creating and Thinking

She believes that we should “Eat, Creat and Think” until the end of our life.

I am surprised to see her apartment because her rooms are nicely decorated, and they don’t look old-fashioned.

She is very creative and she tries to be creative everyday, that makes her brain work.

She makes her clothes, so that she can wear something different from clothes shops.

3. Curiosity is the Source of Anti-Aging

She says that she always has a great curiosity, and she researches or finds information that she is interested in.

She has written an “Everyday Notebook” for 30 years without fail.

She notes on her notebook the things introduced on TV and newspaper that she would like to remember.

She always seeks the new information about fashion, English (she studies English for 30 minutes every morning), and a wide variety of knowledge.

I wish I can be like her when I am 97 years old (but I wonder I can live that long 🙂 ),

but she definitely gives us a courage and hope to our life, doesn’t she?

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Hello Everybody,

Recently, I feel it is getting harder and harder to tell the actual age of Japanese women.

I know people say that Japanese women look younger.

But now they look, so-called, “Ageless (cannot tell how old they are by their look)”

A lot of articles have spoke about the reasons why they look younger, and they have a flawless skin too.

They say, it is because “They eat a lot of fishes and vegetables. They eat wakame (a kind of seaweed). They use skin care products with ingredients such as rice bran and azuki beans etc…”

It is true, but I think there are other important factors why Japanese women look ageless.

Womens’ Magazines that target Bimajyo…!

Use a Parasol to protect your skin from the Sun

Many Japanese women use parasols and put on makeup with SPF to protect their skin from the sun.

They know the UV is one of the biggest causes of age to their skin.

As I live in Sydney, I feel it looks a bit silly if I use a parasol 🙂

So, I wear a hat when I go outside and try to walk in the shade as much as possible.

I think a little care like this can help keep younger-looking skin.

Remember the Glory of the Bubble Economy?

The current ageless women are mainly in the age of 40s and 50s, who have experienced the “Bubble Economy” in Japan.

They used to spend a lot of money to buy brand clothes, shoes and bags when they were young.

It seems that women in the age group of 40s and 50s still cannot forget the time they were sparkling under the Bubble Economy and refuse to grow old like their mothers did.

So, they spend a lot of their time and money to maintain their health and beauty.

I think these constant efforts can make them achieve the current ageless beauty they have.

Health & Beauty Fanatic

When I was working in Tokyo, there were a lot of TV programs about health and beauty. (Now too!)

I remember one of the health programs said “Bulgarian Yogurt is great for your health”.

Next day, all the Bulgarian Yogurt disappeared from all grocery stores.

It was unbelievableビックリマーク

I think that Japanese women are always searching  for what can make them healthy and beautiful, and they love to try whatever they can to contribute to their health and beauty.

Now, it is common sense for Japanese women that using skin care products alone will not make their skin beautiful.

They know they cannot achieve the ageless skin without healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

So, women who have a flawless skin practice many things that are good for their skin.

Womens’ Health Magazines that Targets Women in the Age of 40s

In fact, some research has showed people looking younger tend to live longer.

Yes, your face is a reflection of how you have lived and looked after yourself.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Hi Everybody,

Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

Let’s try to increase our “Love Hormone” towards Valentine’s Day. Shall we?

Bimajyo (Beauty Witch in Japanese) must be the expert for this…

Today, I will share with you Bimajyo secrets for increasing “Love Hormone” which I have selected from various sources.

Are you falling in love with somebody right now? No…? Your heart does not pound anymore when you see your loved one?

That’s okay

There are several women’s hormones that could create the state as if you were falling in love. As we know, women who are in love are beautiful.

Bimajyo regularly eat some foods that help increase women’s hormones. No wonder they look younger and sparkling!

So, what do Bimajyo eat?

It may be a good idea to check your iron level from time to time. I check it once a year at the GP 🙂

If your iron level is low, it affects not only your health but also your skin complexion too.

Prune has a lot of components which are the source of women’s hormones. Some Bimajyo cook bacon and spinach on a fry pan, so that she can eat a lot of spinach. She says that this makes her skin color look more healthy and improves the circulation of her body.  Let’s make our cheek naturally pink like we are in love.

Main food including Iron: Prune, Spinach, Liver, shellfish, Seaweed, Soybean

Bimajyo take high quality healthy oil everyday, which helps increase the quality of estrogen.

Estrogen affects the appearance. For example, the skin looks radiant, and the waist becomes slender.

Isoflavone has the similar effect to estrogen.  Actually, “Miso Soup” is effective in increasing isoflavone.

You can make Miso Soup easily at home. Please try it.

Main food including Omega 3: Flaxseed Oil, Salmon, Blue Fish such as Sardine and Mackarel.


Do you feel guilty when you eat chocolate?  Maybe, you should not feel so bad about it, considering a women’s hormone.

Chocolate containes Phenethylamine (PEA) which will be released when you are in love, and dopamine which is a feel-good chemical released from your brain.

Red wine and cheese also contain PEA and dopamine.

Having increased PEA & dopamin, you can be in the similar state as you are in love.

It is said you can increase PEA level by thinking of your happy romance in the past and reading a romantic novel.

Main food including PEA & Dopamine: Flaxseed oil, Coconut Oil, Chocolate, Cheese, Cocoa, Honey, Red wine and etc…

Hmmm… I guess I will read a romantic novel with red wine & cheese tonight and see if I l will look beautiful tomorrow morning.

Thank you for reading and ciao for now

Yoko xoxo

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I am always impressed to see Japanese Bimajyo (About Bimajyo – >https://okoii.wordpress.com/category/bimajyo/ ) because they look about 8-10 years younger than their actual age.

Of course, they make big efforts to be beautiful and healthy everyday, and some Bimajyo spend many hours of the day maintaining their youth and beauty.

Unfortunately, we have to juggle various tasks everyday at work and home, so many people do not have a luxury to spend too much time (and money) for their health and beauty. Yes, we, women,  are busy!

So, I have selected 7 natural beauty routines from the beauty secrets of the Bimajyo, which are not difficult to perform. Let’s start them from today and make them as our beauty routines.

1. When you rise off your face, splash lukewarm water over your face 40 times, and then splash cold water 10 times.

This beauty secret is from a Japanese actress, “Mao Daichi”. She is currently 55 years old, but she looks like late 30s – early 40s.  I have been her fan for a long time, but it seems like she has not changed much from her 30s.  To me, she is a miracle 55! She said on a TV show that she has washed her face this way for a long time, and she actually counts the number of splashes when she washes her face.

2. Drink a glass of filtered water first in the morning.

This may be common sense for the Bimajyo. Before drinking coffee or tea in the morning, drink water to hydrate your body. This is my routine too 🙂

3. Eat food containing Omega 3 Fatty Acid

The omega -3 fatty acids can be found in flaxseed oil, blue fish such as sardin and mackarel, salmon, brightly colored vegetables, walnut, beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower. Increasing the intake of foods rich in omega-3 acids will help maintain a good hormonal balance.

“Omega 3 skin benefits have been established by scientific research.  Recent studies have shown that a diet low in essential fatty acids – and that’s around 99% of US citizens – can lead to dry skin and premature wrinkles”.  Source: Simply Anti-Aging http://www.simplyantiaging.com/146/omega-3-look-younger/

4. Have some fruits in the morning.

It is a great beauty routine to have fruits in the morning.  Fruits make your suger level increase quickly, so you feel energised in the morning.  Also, frutis have a lot of fiber, which helps enhance your stomach movement. Also, potassium contained in the fruits drains salt from your body to help swelling go down. I have fruits with greek yogurt & manuka honey every morning. You may think you have no time to do ths in the morning, but it only takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

5. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisurise !

Bimajyos understand the importance of moisturising their skin. Please refer my previous blog post and learn how to use a toner effectively. (-> Japanese Beauty Secret – Japanese Women Like Using a Face Toner https://okoii.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/japanese-beauty-secret-japanese-women-like-using-a-face-toner/ )  Remember dry skin is your biggest enemy in ageing your skin!

6. Turn off your PC or TV 1-2 hours before going to bed and wind down

Relaxing your brain is important for leading you to a good quality sleep.  I know it is hard to do that every night. But you will be able to do that 3 times a week, won’t you? A couple of times a week, I turn off my PC a bit early and put a facial masque before going to bed. I do strech for 10 mintues while wearing a masque. This is actually very relaxing because I stretch with natural aromas from the masque.

7.  Get off the train or bus one stop early and walk home

After working hard in the office, you feel tired, but this is because your are mentally tired, not physically tired.  If you do not have time to do an exercise regularly, this little effort will actually make you refreshed and get you a little excersie.

Hope you can start the above natural routines from today and be more healthy and beautiful in 2012!

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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There was the 2nd Bimajyo Competition the other day in Japan.

Please see my former blog about Beauty Secrets of the “Bimajyo” – Beauty Witch in Japanese ->http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

Ms Yoshiko Yamada, 45 years old, has won the 1st prize of the Bimajyo competition. She is managing a modelling agency. Her profile is (from her blog):

Height: 163cm

B: 83cm

W: 58cm

H: 82cm

Also, I have read her weight is 43kg. So slim!

One of her Bimajyo secrets I totally support is that she uses 4 bottles of skin toner per month. It takes her 60 minutes to apply a toner.  No wonder she looks very fresh!

(photo source news.biglob.co.jp)

I once wrote about how important a face toner is. For creating young looking skin,  a face toner is a “MUST” item for your daily skin care routine. Please see my former blog about Japanese Beauty Secret– Japanese Women Like Using a Face Toner  -> http://wp.me/p1NJvq-9b

I believe everybody is going to be busy towards the end of the year.

You may have several late nights for Christmas parties and dinners.

But let’s try not to neglect our daily skin care routine, although we would feel like diving into bed without removing our makeup 🙂

(photo source: kisemisscon.seesaa.net)

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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