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Hi Everybody,

Recently, I watched a Japanese TV program about a 97 years old woman, Ms Tsuneko Sasamoto, a photo journalist.

Apparently, she is the first women who became a photo journalist in Japan.

As you can see the photos below, she does not look like she’s 97 years old at all, and she looks lovely!

I wrote blog posts about “Bimajyo (Beauty Witch)” in the past,

but I think she is the “TRUE BIMAJYO” to me!

She is still working as a photo journalist and traveling around in Japan gathering information and interviewing people.

I saw her walking on TV. She was walking steady with her back straight.

Miracle 97 years old !

Would you like to know her anti-aging secrets?

1. Her Everyday’s Diet

She basically cooks at home and uses quality ingredients for her cooking.

She says:

“People who are fashionable try to wear expensive clothes by saving money from spending on foods,

but they are the least dignified people in mind. You have to spend the most money on food.”

I totally agree with her thoughts, and I try to practice the above everyday too.

She eats 100gm of meats every night without any bread or rice.

She also drinks a glass of red wine because polyphenol in red wine helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Eating, Creating and Thinking

She believes that we should “Eat, Creat and Think” until the end of our life.

I am surprised to see her apartment because her rooms are nicely decorated, and they don’t look old-fashioned.

She is very creative and she tries to be creative everyday, that makes her brain work.

She makes her clothes, so that she can wear something different from clothes shops.

3. Curiosity is the Source of Anti-Aging

She says that she always has a great curiosity, and she researches or finds information that she is interested in.

She has written an “Everyday Notebook” for 30 years without fail.

She notes on her notebook the things introduced on TV and newspaper that she would like to remember.

She always seeks the new information about fashion, English (she studies English for 30 minutes every morning), and a wide variety of knowledge.

I wish I can be like her when I am 97 years old (but I wonder I can live that long 🙂 ),

but she definitely gives us a courage and hope to our life, doesn’t she?

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo


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Hi Everybody,

It is autumn in Sydney, and we’ve had comfortable weather lately.

When the weather is nice, I feel more appetite, craving for yummy food!

“But WAIT for a moment…! (talking to myself)”

Actually, there is a relationship between anti-aging and hunger.

In Japan, there is a book called “Being Hungry Makes People Healthy” written by Mr Nagumo.

He is 55 years old, but the age of his blood vessels is 26 years old, and the age of his bones is 28 years old.

He actually has one meal a day (about 515kcal), and he has never gained his weight since he started this eating habit.


I don’t think I can do this although it could be a healthy lifestyle choice, and plus I feel one meal a day is a bit of an extreme measure.

However, I believe we tend to eat more than we are actually supposed to do because we are surrounded by so many foods.

“Various studies have shown that cutting calories by 20 to 40 percent significantly both extends life and, with a little exercise, leaves old animals in better shape.” (Source: Live Longer: The One Anti-Aging Trick That Works

“Eating fewer calories also reduces age-related chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, and stroke in rodents. ” (Source: Live Longer: The One Anti-Aging Trick That Works)

Eating less could prevent us from diseases, that is so important as we can age more gracefully healthwise, not only making us live longer.

So, how can we apply this mechanism to our life ?

1. Skip dessert – You can cut 300-500 calories

2. Substitute fast food for a vegetable sandwich.

3. Reduce 30 % of the amount of food each day (Eat 70% full)

4. Have a salad or a soup before meal

5. Chew food well and spend more than 20 minutes for one meal

6. Do not watch a TV Food Show

7. Do not drink alcohol much with meal – alcohol promotes more appetite

Recently, I have reduced my food intake amount by 10-20% per meal, and I actually feel lighter and better.

However, I must say I become hungry especially at night.

So, I go to bed early, so that I sleep before feeling hungry

Going to bed early is good for your health and skin too anyway.

I know hunger is painful, but if you think this would make you age slower, would you not feel so bad about it?

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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I was watching a Japanese drama series the other day.

There was a scene where a 45 years old woman confessed to her friends, “I think I am at the end of my menstrual cycle…”. And her friends were all surprised and said, “I still have it”. The other friend said, “I still have it too”. And the woman became panicky, and tried to deny it, “I still do not know! Maybe its’ not over!” and started crying…

When your friends ever tell you about this, tell them something like, “Congratulations! You have completed a big job. You are about to open a new chapter in your life. You are reborn and becoming a new woman.!”

If you are already in this new chapter of your life or you are close to it, please do not feel sad or empty as there is no need to be that way.

Do not focus on the negative side of aging. Find something you can enjoy doing or like to do. There are many things you can do at your current age. You may want to go to Yoga classes. You may want to learn healthy cooking. Or you may want to start playing golf with your boyfriend or husband. By trying somthing new, you may be able to discover a different and new “You”. 

Accepting what you are now is very important for slow and beautiful aging. Women always want to look younger or more beautiful. There is nothing wrong with that. However, some women try to look unnaturally younger a or have plastic surgery. This is actually fighting against their aging. They do not want to accept the fact they are losing their youth, but they will have to accept their look and age sometime in their life.  Yes, fighting against aging is not a winning game. So, why do they fight then?

I believe there is beuaty in every age group. In your 20’s, youth itself is a beauty. In your 40’s, maturity is a beauty. In your 60’s, wisdom and experiences are beauty. For example, if a woman in her 40’s tries to look 20, she cannot show the beauty of her maturity. I think it is ideal if we look the best we can at our age. In order to do that, I believe the following are important – Eat Healthy Food, Sleep Well, Do Moderate Exercise, Happy Lifestyle, Non-toxic Environment, Positive Mind, and of course Natural Skin Care.

Let’s look after ourselves and aim for beautiful aging.

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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