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Hi Everybody,

Hope you had a nice and enjoyable Easter holiday 🙂

I read an interesting article researching between “people who can tidy up” and “people who cannot tidy up“.

According to the research, there seems to be a difference between their characters.

People who can tidy up tend to be a bit impatience, compared to average people, but they tend to listen to people and not to say harsh things to people.

They tend to be cooperative, be punctual, make quick decisions, and manage their belongings well.

On the other hand, people who cannot tidy up tend not to listen to people, tend to act from more selfish motives, tend to be unpunctual, and are indecisive. Also, they cannot throw away things and cannot manage their belongings.

There seems to be a difference between their lifestyle.

People who can tidy up tend to sleep well and wake up early in the morning, compared to the average person.  They tend not to watch TV much, often cook at home and make plans on what to buy before going for shopping.

They tend to put away their clothes straight after taking them off and organise mails at the time of receipt.  They tend to decide where they put their things and not to hold on to many things.

On the other hand, people who cannot tidy up tend not to sleep well and cannot wake up smoothly in the morning. They tend to watch TV a lot and shop  impulsively.

They tend not to organise, not to put things away straight away after using them, not to decide where they put things, and tend to hold a lot of things. They tend not to exercise and they are reluctant to move their body.

Speaking of health, people who cannot tidy up tend to be a bit fat, and have some health troubles such as a lapse of memory, depression, allergy, insomnia, and low blood pressure.

Does this apply to you or people who you know? I would love to hear your comment !

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo


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Hi Everybody,

These days, it seems people are very busy working and worrying about their job, family and finances.

When we are stressed out, we tend to forget basic things which can make us feel better and happy.

I have listed 10 things we should remember and try to do everyday for a happy life.

You may want to write them down in your diary, so that you can remember them.

1.  Be thankful to people and things around you.

2.  Try to make several people smile a day.

3.  Use your important energy for positive thoughts and things. This means we do not use our energy for things we cannot control.

4.  Life is sometimes not fair, but we can always improve our life.

5.  Life is too short to feel jealous of people or hate people.

6.  Don’t be too strict to others and yourself.

7.  Don’t compare your life to other people’s life because we don’t know their problems.

8.  We are the only ones who can create our own happiness and we are responsible for our own happiness.

9.  Always forgive people.

10. Things will always get better no matter how bad things are at the moment.

Hope we all feel happy with a big smile everyday 🙂

Thank you for reading and ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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I was watching a Japanese drama series the other day.

There was a scene where a 45 years old woman confessed to her friends, “I think I am at the end of my menstrual cycle…”. And her friends were all surprised and said, “I still have it”. The other friend said, “I still have it too”. And the woman became panicky, and tried to deny it, “I still do not know! Maybe its’ not over!” and started crying…

When your friends ever tell you about this, tell them something like, “Congratulations! You have completed a big job. You are about to open a new chapter in your life. You are reborn and becoming a new woman.!”

If you are already in this new chapter of your life or you are close to it, please do not feel sad or empty as there is no need to be that way.

Do not focus on the negative side of aging. Find something you can enjoy doing or like to do. There are many things you can do at your current age. You may want to go to Yoga classes. You may want to learn healthy cooking. Or you may want to start playing golf with your boyfriend or husband. By trying somthing new, you may be able to discover a different and new “You”. 

Accepting what you are now is very important for slow and beautiful aging. Women always want to look younger or more beautiful. There is nothing wrong with that. However, some women try to look unnaturally younger a or have plastic surgery. This is actually fighting against their aging. They do not want to accept the fact they are losing their youth, but they will have to accept their look and age sometime in their life.  Yes, fighting against aging is not a winning game. So, why do they fight then?

I believe there is beuaty in every age group. In your 20’s, youth itself is a beauty. In your 40’s, maturity is a beauty. In your 60’s, wisdom and experiences are beauty. For example, if a woman in her 40’s tries to look 20, she cannot show the beauty of her maturity. I think it is ideal if we look the best we can at our age. In order to do that, I believe the following are important – Eat Healthy Food, Sleep Well, Do Moderate Exercise, Happy Lifestyle, Non-toxic Environment, Positive Mind, and of course Natural Skin Care.

Let’s look after ourselves and aim for beautiful aging.

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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Do you arrange flowers at home?

If you arrange flowers at home, you can get various benefits for your health and beauty.

Arranging flowers has the effect of  healing and leading you to better concentration.

Also, you may be able to improve your sense of beauty by enjoying their fragrance, colour coordination, and overall balance during flower arrangement.


The aroma of rose helps brighten up your feeling from depression.

Also, the aroma from rose often used in skin care products has an effect to control hormorne balance for women and to improve their skin condition.

Why not arrange roses if your skin has problems affected by hormone balance before that time in the month?


The aroma of lily can affect the parasympathetic nervous system and increase your metabolism

Also, it is good for people who would like to lose weight and suffer from diabetes due to the effects of stimulating hormone secretion.


The aroma of hyancinth is highly effective for healing you and restoring from fatigue. You may know this aroma is used often in perfumes.

Stress and fatigue will cause some skin troubles and health problems, so this lovely hyancinth may help you relax and wind down.

Let’s enjoy flowers more often this year – please add this to your new year’s resolution 🙂

Ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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okoii Blog ImageDo you sigh when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you keep failing losing weight? Would you like to change or improve the inside and outside of yourself? Do you have confidence in yourself? Or you are not sure of what you want out of life? No worries! The “Onna Migaki Notebook” may be an excellent solution for you!

I recently found that creating an “Onna Migaki Notebook” (Woman Self-enhancement Notebook) is popular among women in Japan. Ms Hasegawa, Onna Migaki Producer, says, “I support women who have decided to be happy, not asking somebody to make them happy.” She believes that we, women, can maximise our attraction by accepting what we are, improve ourselves and establish our “own brand”. She also says, “Every woman is different, so she should sparkle in her own way with confidence without comparing to other people.” Wow, that sounds so cool, I like Ms Hasegawa 😉

So, what is an “Onna Migaki Notebook” then? The notebook is like a scenario for you on how to be what you want to be. Sounds easy? Let’s create an “Onna Migaki Notebook” then. Are you ready?

  1. Find a notebook – ideally, not too big and heavy, so that you can carry it around and put it in your bag.
  2. Think of beautiful women, nice fashion & makeup, favorite hairstyle. List your interests, hobbies, dreams, things that make you feel happy and you like to do. Imagine your ideal home, ideal place, and places you like to live or visit.
  3. Find the images you think of from magazines, books and the internet and cut them out.
  4. Paste the images with your wish comment such as “I would like to wear this beautiful clothing, so I will lose 5 kg !!”, “I would like to live in this kind of place” in the notebook. It is better to be as specific as possible when you write your wishes.

You must be feeling very excited when you finish creating your notebook full of happiness and dreams. Wait, you have not finished yet! This is just a beginning!

It is very important to look at the images and read your wishes everyday (ideally first in the morning or before sleeping). Write down what you see, experience, feel, think, hear, touch, and eat etc…, which will be your scenario that establishes you and your happiness. Of course, you cannot change everything at once, but I can assure you that you can achieve your goal and dreams, unless you give up. Lastly, please always remember “Enjoy the process!”

Have a nice day and ciao for now !

Yoko xoxo

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okoii Blog ImageHave you made your New Year’s resolution? If you have, I believe you still need to stick to what you have decided, as it has only been four days. Yes, I went for a long walk today as my New Year’s resolution is to lose weight (please see the previous blog entry).

But I have read a shocking fact. Some research shows that the typical New Year’s resolution is usually repeated every year for 10 years (the same resolution !!). About 25% of a New Year’s resolution will not last more than 15 weeks in to the year.

If I decide to walk 4 km everyday, a time may come when I would not be able to make it. This resolution is unrealistic. It is great to have a big goal, but it may be very hard to sustain it, and you may end up giving it up totally.

It may be a good idea to start small. Let’s think “better than nothing”. If we do a little regularly, we can expect our brain and daily routine change. But if we do nothing, we can expect to get or achieve nothing. Let’s take a small step, which will lead bigger steps.

May you achieve success in life and all your wishes come true for the year.

Yoko xoxo

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Beauty will not be built in a day - next year too ! ImageMy new year’s resolution was to lose 4 kg this year by the end of this year. Did I achieve it? No…!! (sob… 😦 ) Actually, I have gained weight rather than losing it. What am I doing? I do not think myself having a strong will. I am always being defeated by various temptations !

But… Please do not laugh, I still have a hope. I may be able to lose 4 kg next year and wear the clothes I haven’t worn for 5 years. Nothing never is too late. Please agree with me…!

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to lose weight while we maintain health and beauty. It takes time, but the things we have to do to lose weight are quite simple – Eat Less, Exercise More.

Why can’t we do such simple things? This is one of the mysteries of the human being.

I have read an article before, which said the house where slim people live are usually clean and tidy. It may suggest that people who often clean the house are active and do not mind doing things around the house, does means they burn their energy by doing house chores everyday?

Why don’t we clean and tidy the house and welcome a new year? And the reward will be losing weight. (But do not drink beer after that, your effort will be all for nothing). In the end, the things we do everyday will end up counting for a lot.

Beauty will not be built in a day – next year too !

Until the next entry, ciao for now.

Yoko xoxo

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